How to participate to tStart
To submit your project to the business plan competition, you have to go through following steps *:
* To participate,we recommend you to read the regulation carefully
Create your account on the platform using your name, e-mail address and password.
Entry details: Once registered, you can start to fill the entry detailed form, (by mentioning all information on your project). If your project involves more than one member, only the team leader can create a project entry.

N.B : It’s not necessary to complete all the entry form during the registration process, you can fill in the missing information at any time till the end of the competition, by using your account ID.
Team: By entering your team members e-mail addresses, you will invite them to fill in their own personal forms on the platform. The team members will then have access to the information of the entry forms.
Personal form: In this tab, as a team leader, you will give information about yourself (including educational background and work experience if applicable).
Business plan file and P&L file: In the entry forms tab, you will find templates as a reference to help you build your business plan and P&L before uploading them.
Project submission: Once you are satisfied with your application, you can submit it through the platform. You will then receive a submission confirmation e-mail from us.

N.B : Once you have approved the submission of your project, you cannot make changes to the information provided.
Ressources : ( Download useful documents )