Partners tStart
This program is jointly initiated by NEDJMA and the the National Agency for the Development of Small and Medium companies (ANDPME).
ANDPME is a public institution established by the ExecutiveDecree N°05-165 of May 3rd, 2005.
ANDPME is an agency of the Ministry ( in charge of Small and Medium Companies (PME) which chairs the orientation and surveillance council as provided by the Executive Decree N° 05-165 May 3rd, 2013.
ANDPME is an instrument of state in charge of implementation of the national policy for the development of Small and Medium companies.
Its main tasks are :
  • Implement sectorial strategy for the promotion and development of SMEs
  • Implement the national program for upgrading PME development and monitoring
  • Promote PME advice and expertise
  • Follow the demographic evolution of PME regarding Business creation, termination and change
  • Carry out sector studies and periodic economic reports
  • Collect, process and broadcast specific information to activity areas of PME

Algerian Startup Initiative (ASI), is an organization which aims to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship. A.S.I has an expertise in detection, incubation and mentoring of start-ups developing projects particularly in the fields ofinformation technology and communication, smart networks, and renewable energy.
A.S.I has a large network of contractors; venture capital and business men based mainly in Algeria and Silicon Valley, San Francisco (USA) and has a significant experience in the organization of “business plans” competition and educational sessions in Algerian universities.
As such, A.S.I implements the competition of business plans of tStart program on the behalf of NEDJMA.
For more information about A.S.I, you can download the information file below or visit A.S.I website :